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NOTE:  Friday night is a free, youth-focused event (although it is open the public).  The main conference is on Saturday and has a $30/person registration fee (lunch included).

FRIDAY, OCT. 18, 2019

7:00pm – Welcome and Worship

7:30pm – Youth Session #1 – Tim Barnett – How Can You Believe The New Testament is True?

8:30pm – Mixer Game

8:45pm – Youth Session #2 – Logan Gates – Who is Jesus? Man, Myth or More?

9:45pm – Snack

10:30pm – Depart


SATURDAY, OCT. 19, 2019

9:00am – Registration

9:30am – Plenary Session 1 – Dr. Kirk Durston – How Can There Be A Good God When There Is So Much Suffering and Evil in the World? (Followed by a Q&A time)

10:45am – Break/Ministry Booths*

11:15am – Plenary Session 2 – Dr. Jim Mason – Hasn’t Science Disproved Christianity? (Followed by a Q&A time)

12:30pm – Lunch**/Ministry Booths*

1:30 pm – Plenary Session 3 – Dr. Scott Stripling – Isn’t The Bible Full of Myths and Mistakes? (Followed by a Q&A time)

2:45pm – Break/Ministry Booths*

3:00pm – Plenary Session 4 – Tim Barnett – Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead? (Followed by a Q&A time)

4:15pm – Break/Ministry Booths*

4:30pm – Plenary Session 5 – Logan Gates –  How Can Christianity Be True and Other Religions False? (Followed by a Q&A time)

5:45pm – Conference Ends

*Ministry Booths – the following ministries will have display tables set up in the Fellowship Hall:  Associates for Biblical Research, Creation Ministries Int., Stand To Reason, RZIM, and Scripture Gift & Bookstore

**A Simple Sandwich Lunch will be provided

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